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The whole human body is made up of trillions of cells, a group of cells working together in a similar way creates tissues, a group of tissues working together in a similar way creates organs, a group of organs working together in a similar way creates organ systems and organ systems pertain to the eleven body systems that makes up the whole human body, the organism. These systems are all interconnected and work in homeostasis (balance) to maintain the structure and function of the whole human body.  

Holistic health appreciates not only the physical workings of the whole human body but also the influence of mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects on homeostasis (balance) - the key of life.  

This concept of balance is not unique to the human body, nor the five kingdoms of all living things; prokaryotic monera, eukaryotic protista, fungi, plantae and animalia, but extends to the entire universe; planets, stars, galaxies, matter and energy. Everything that exists is made up of a sophisticated level of organisation, which like the human body works in harmony to maintain homeostasis (balance) and this phenomenon of coexistence is what I am so infatuated with and is at the core of my purpose with regards to female health and well-being.   

I want to remind you what it means to be human, to be whole, to be complete. What we are connected too rather than what we are separate from.  

~ coexistence ~

~ coexistence ~

About Me



I have a passion for women's health and although, most of my posts will be centred around women, I will still write about gender neutral topics, related to natural health and wellbeing as well as some creative pieces. I had my graduation ceremony in February 2020, where I received my diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and therefore, my posts are drawn from the knowledge that I have gained over the past 3 years. However, I have also been working as a Health and Body Care Advisor, amongst other health professionals, in central London for 2 years, and have gained a lot of clinical based experience listening to and supporting customers with a wide range of health concerns. I have also completed numerous CPD recognised conferences and training programs. My online blog and Instagram, is a way for me to express my love for writing as well as to share what it means to be a women, well at least, what I have learnt thus far. My dream is to help women of all ages to better understand their bodies and to help men too, better understand women, and to manifest more open and connected relationships, especially with regards to menstruation and women’s sexual health, which has been supressed enormously throughout history.




My 3-year diploma taught me biomedicine – anatomy, physiology as well as disease (pathology). In my second and third years, I was taught how to utilise food as medicine to optimise health and to prevent disease. My course, educated us on the power of food, not only to provide balance to the body but to the mind and soul too. It taught us the importance of homeostasis, one of the most complexed yet beautifully simple, series of self-regulating processes, which provides life to all that exists, including human beings. I also completed 200 hours of clinical practice, where I conducted many “real-life” nutritional consultations under qualified supervision, as part of my final year portfolio. 




As my desire for nature grew, so did my curiosity for being a woman. I learnt that women play a vital role in their ability to either harm or protect nature - create or destroy life. This connection between mother nature and “women”, led me to understand myself on a much deeper level. I believe that everything is connected, and if each one of us connects to ourselves, within, and to mother nature, without, we are inevitably, connected to each other and to everything else. Knowledge is power, and the more women that discover themselves, the more power we have, over protecting ourselves and mother nature. I believe in equal discovery for men, to better understand themselves as well as their impact on and ability to, protect themselves and mother nature. And potentially a meaningful place to start could be by better understanding each other, our individual - minds, souls and bodies - our connection to one another as a species, our rightful place in mother nature, our impact and combined power to protect ourselves and everything that exists. I believe it is our duty, as a highly influential species, capable of renewable greatness, to listen, with merciful ears to the relentless noise of nature - dying for change – for a sense of urgency from its fellow inhabitants, to surrender - in unison - towards a safer and more sustainable future for all to come.




With that being said, in short, I believe that these posts could benefit anyone! And I hope for it to benefit your own path of self discovery and for it to manifest deeper and better-connected relationships between you and the females in your life as well as a sense of safety, to discuss any “sensitive” topic open and honestly.