The whole human body is made up of trillions of cells. A group of cells working together in a similar way creates tissues. A group of tissues working together in a similar way creates organs. A group of organs working together in a similar way creates organ systems and organ systems pertain to the eleven body systems that makes up the whole human body - the organism. These systems are all interconnected and work in homeostasis (balance) to maintain the structure and function of the whole human body.  


Holistic health appreciates not only the physical workings of the whole human body but also the influence of mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects on homeostasis (balance) - the essence of life.  


This concept of balance is not unique to the human body, nor the five kingdoms of all living things; prokaryotic monera, eukaryotic protista, fungi, plantae and animalia, but extends to the entire universe; planets, stars, galaxies, matter and energy. 


Everything that exists is made up of a sophisticated level of organisation, which like the human body works in harmony to maintain homeostasis (balance) and this phenomenon of coexistence is what I am so infatuated with and is at the core of my purpose with regards to female health and well-being. 


I want to remind you what it means to be human, to be whole, to be complete. What we are connected too rather than what we are separate from.  


~ coexistence ~

~ coexistence ~

About Me

My name is Lucy. 


I grew up in South Africa, Cape Town. 


I left home (three years ago) for three simple reasons: to learn, learn and learn some more. 


 I am now a Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with BANT.


After graduating in February 2020, I decided to specialise in Women's Health. I have since completed numerous CPD recognised conferences and training programs. 


My areas of expertise include: 

Skin, PMS, PCOS and Menopause


 I am currently based in London as a Health and Body Care Advisor and Freelance Health and Wellness Writer.


I am in the process of launching online nutrition consultations for women only. 


The Coexist Clinic


Coexist appreciates the complexity of women. Our past, present and future.  



The power of food, exercise and nutraceuticals: 










Period Poverty

Period Waste 

Female sexuality

Body Positivity 

Mental Health 




Zero Waste 

Plastic Free 



Let's co-exist, together. 

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