Holistic Health

~ Dreaming ~


Maybe these mountains, like mothers to us, will one day reappear in our dreams. A spontaneous starry night sleep will expose a memory of a moment in time. A dream of friends beneath a warm sun. A dream of sunburnt knees and x-ray vision. A dream of vacant skies and youthful minds swimmingly simple. A dream of birds singing a sweet melody to the beat of three adolescent hearts, thirsty for love. A dream of a day so naive, so unaffected by the alarm clock that now rings, relentlessly, for our undivided attention. An alarm clock, that reminds us, yet again, that we are foolishly dreaming - that the friends we love have left, that the mountains we remember as mothers have moved on and the birds that no longer recognise our beaten hearts, sing to the drum of our pending gloom. An alarm clock, that reminds us of relentless reality, of separation and disconnect. I peer through my curtains looking up at the grey sky...If only we knew that our empty adolescent minds would soon be filled with relentless noise and that our knees, once sun-kissed, now weak, will buckle and we will lose our footing, falling forever, until our next foolish dream, until our next make-believe memory...until our next inevitable regret.