Holistic Health

~ Nature's Comeback ~


The entire world surrendered to the incoherent threat of deadly air. A silent, invisible and invincible killer, as if it were to be a figment of our imaginations, enforced the shutdown of every economy, limiting our liberty, to maintain the survival of the human race. We were no longer in control of our environment, nature had regained its rightful place at the top of the food chain, herding us around our self-built streets like sheep. Enslaved to this new way of life, we were forced to adapt and make sacrifices, the same way nature did when humans dominated...once upon a time. Every great chronicle of human evolution across 7 million years of procreation came crashing down overnight. This deadly virus, known to us as CODVID-19 spread from lung to lung through remarkable DNA replication, rapidly exceeding our own genetics, thus becoming the most successful species in the world. This dusk to dawn take-over put an instant arrest on the entire world and the future success of our species and the only way to survive was to neglect our old ideologies and superior intelligence, as we live caged within our own homes. Humans, a now critically endangered species, positioned in second place, above the African Black Rhino and below the Amur Leopard, but unlike our relentless efforts to protect these other sacred species, our own fate remained unprotected as if our existence mattered, to no other Earthly being, but only to ourselves.