Holistic Health



You gotta thrive to strive

Our minds on overdrive 

The lies we’re told multiply 

And divide 

So, we decide to dive off buildings 

To end our lives 

It happens within a blink of an eye 

And the only solution is to die 

But that’s the biggest lie 

To comply to society 

Prior to the corruption 

We lived in harmony 

As healthy as can be 

Like little bouncing bunnies 

Now we study pathology 

Because we self-destroy our physiology 

Thrown and blown by grenades and bombs 

We flee and believe we’re free 

Only to see 

That the grass isn’t greener on the other side 

Our pride is the first to go 

We lose our glow 

Our hearts sink low 

We know its time to go again 

But the pain is so insane 

We bow our heads 

And kneel besides our beds 

And pray 

At the end of the day 

Life will slay and throw you away

If you don’t play by it’s rules and obey 

So, what's the fucking point to pray anyway? 

God doesn’t protect us 

Nor resurrect us 

He just disrespects us

We’re incorrectly perceived 

From the day we’re conceived 

To believe that there is a higher power 

Bowing to our struggles 

It puzzles and muddles me 

How we are so naïve 

Clones and copies 

We play monopoly with our bodies 

To keep our hearts beating 

And stitch wounds from weeping 

For what reason? 

Seasons change 

Treason stays the same 

The ocean resides and we realise 

That we have no control 

Just guards on patrol


We wake and take each day as a chance 

To make a change 

But it’s strange 

Instead, we press resume 

Let life presume 

Serve our fate on a plate 

And circumstance consumes our innate destiny 

This isn’t Walt Disney 

This is reality 

Money controls the population 

It’s a discrimination 

Work provides no stimulation 

People protest 

We are oppressed 

Financial stress is ignored 

The rich are adored 

I’m bored.

Of this same perpetual cycle 

We’re born and recycled 

Reused and abused 

Stressed and depressed 

It's time to renew and rewire 

To require and acquire progression 

Rejuvenate our generation

Stand in congression 

Fuck you recession 

This is my new profession 

Gaining mileage 

But stagnant like an orphanage 

On autopilot 

Does it take a fucking rap riot to get you quiet? 

It you don’t believe me 

That’s fine after all 

Most my lines are about 

Baboons noodles poodles

Search google 

Try Wiki Pedia or the Encyclopedia 

Just no social media is outdated 


Endless propaganda 

We made to look the fools 

Like chimpanzees in Uganda 

Africa is run by Rangatangs 

Confiscating gunja 

Plunger coffee 

DC bud 

Let's go to Canada 

Bali looks gnarly 

Let's rent a room 

Trip on shrooms 

How about a doob? 

You wana lose your head baboon 

We’re enrolled into a life 

Controlled and patrolled 

Like ants trapped in a colony 

It’s robbery

I won’t commute another day 

It's time to pollute the system with poison 

Put the oppressors 

In suits on mute 

Stand up 


And salute